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Size 8 Linbins - Pack Of 5

Size 8 Linbins - Pack Of 5

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Linbins are the original open fronted small parts storage and components bins made here in the UK. Manufactured from tough polypropylene ensures the lin bins can be stacked, for stand-alone storage, or mounted on a Louvre Panel. Along with their reinforced ribs for a strong construction, these pick bins are available in a range of sizes. Available in 5 classic colours and come boxed with bin labels for stored contents or bin location.

  • Open front storage bins made in the UK
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Available in 5 colours (blue, red, green, yellow and grey)
  • Made of tough and durable plastic with long lifespan
  • Reinforced structure allows for stacking and to prevent bending or cracking
  • Compatible with all Linbin accessories and storage solutions, including wall-mounted louvre panels, shelving, cabinets and trolleys
  • Labelling included as standard
  • Please note: This item will be dispatched within 1 days.

These high strength plastic storage bins come in a variety of sizes and colours. This is especially useful for creating a colour-coded system where hygiene is important. The Linbins were designed to optimise the storage space in workspaces. The open front of the linbins makes viewing and picking content easy and efficient. 

Linbin Usage

Linbins are used in a wide range of professional environments including; warehouses, factories, medical and catering workspaces. Where hygiene is important such as medical or catering environments, we offer a transparent, anti-bacterial linbin range. In warehouse environments, the linbins work extremely well with louvre panels, allowing easy picking and viewing of contents. 

The ribs on the side of the lin bins allow the bins to be stacked and used as a drawer. The hard, longevity of the polypropylene means that these plastic storage bins can be used in tough environments such as factories.

The linbins sizes come in 9 variants which allows you to pick the right size for the desired application. This helps save space and make the work environment much more efficient.