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Benefits to Bespoke Storage Solutions

Many of our products are often used in a vast array of applications and environments. We regularly deliver into the catering and hospitality markets, where our ranges are popular in kitchens, cafes and canteens.

There is also a demand for products such as serving trolleys, bakery trolleys and gastronorm trolleys in various other industries - warehousing, offices, transport, logistical, electronics and retail for example.

This is simply because our products all provide a function that almost all businesses require in some form: storage and handling. Everyone needs to move one or numerous items from 'A' to 'B'. And, whilst we love to see our stock items being used in all sorts of applications, there comes a point where a 'one size fits all' theory just doesn't quite work in practicality. At that point, finding the correct 'Bespoke' solution is crucial.

But what does 'Bespoke' even mean?

Bespoke products are products specifically designed to suit your requirement. Think of a suit tailor - a suit from the rail will be altered to suit specific measurements, unique to that customer and their requirements. The suit then fits perfectly.

The concept of our bespoke products is the same, just applied to a different context. We can adapt standard product ranges, or design products from scratch, to meet specific practical requirements.

A good example of this would be a recent bespoke job we provided for a plastic components manufacturer.

The customer was looking to increase running efficiencies for the storage and cycle of a specific small component. They had spotted our Fully Welded 15 Level Bakery Trolley online - the size of the component being stored allowed for exactly 12 products to be stored in a 600mm x 400mm tray. 

However, given the high volume of products required to be stored, we worked with the customer to maximise the storage potential of each trolley. By simply increasing the clearance between levels to better suit the height of the product, we able to increase storage capacity from 96 products to 144.

Due to it's application in the manufacturing process, it was also important for our customer that trolley became completely enclosed around the sides, rear and top of the trolley. This did add significant weight to the units - overall, each trolley weighed around 95KG!

With 2 simple yet effective changes to our standard product, we were able to fully meet our customers requirements in a way that wouldn't be found online.

 Before After
Bespoke Bakery Trolley


Our customer also had some very positive feedback on our working together:

“The trolleys we received arrived on the exact day they were scheduled for.

They were very well wrapped and delivered free from any damage.

Build quality and workmanship leave nothing to be desired and the trolleys were made exactly as per our bespoke requirements.

They are a fantastic and vital component to our medical cleanroom facility and we plan to order more as soon as possible.”

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